A History of Sid Valley Cycling Club


April 1991

SVCC was Born

SVCC was Born
As I think most of you will know the club was founded by Ron Clint in April 1991.  Ron & Sue had just opened their new bike shop in the premises of what is now the sweet shop ‘Daffy-down-dilly’, opposite Homedale in the High Street. Almost straight away it became..Read More
September 1991

Summer 1991

Summer 1991
The Club’s first meeting during the Summer of 1991 was an informal affair, the groups of riders congregating in Ron & Sue’s new shop amongst the new bikes and kit, a fitting birth, I think.  For the remainder of 1991 the fledgling club started to find it’s feet, designing the..Read More
February 1992

First Committee Meeting

Our first official minuted Committee meeting was held 4th February 1992 at the Sports Centre in Sidmouth, where the first club constitution and the original club kit was adopted.