Sid Valley Race Team

Sid Valley Cycling Club is primarily a social club but we have a few riders that like to get involved in racing, mainly Time Trials and Criterium Racing. If you intend just doing Time Trials then you don’t need a race licence to compete but you must be a first claim club member that’s affiliated to CTT.

Criterium Racing

These events take place on traffic free facilities like closed circuits or tracks often located on city centre courses or air fields etc.. This sort of racing is categorised in the same format as Road & Track racing, but the difference being that riders maintain constant speeds of around 25mph+ using their skills to manoeuvre corners and other obstacles, a great way to enhance you biker handling skills!

Time Trials

Time Trialling is a specific discipline, described by some as a mental discipline which requires your body to suffer for long lengths of time. Competing over distances of 10, 25, 50 & 100 miles, it’s a race against the clock, riding as fast as you can and complete the set distance in the quickest time physically possible.

Once you have decided you would like to give racing a go, all you need to do is get a race licence making sure you list Sid Valley Cycling Club as your first name club. 

Contact Matt Yates our Race Team Manager

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