SVCC Strava Club Challenge

Join the SVCC Segment of the Month Competition

Here is a challenge designed for the club rider that likes a bit of a blast, not just on the hills, but on the flats and undulating roads as well. We hope the challenge will appeal to riders of all speeds and abilities.

Each month a different segment will be selected and posted on this page. There are no formal prizes for the monthly segments just the kudos and knowledge you’ve done well against your club mates.  At the end of the challenge the winners are those riders that have accumulated the most points. The individual Strava segments will if possible be created from our Sunday club rides.

 New Points System & Categories for 2021

The new points system has been designed to make the monthly Strava challenge more competitive and a more inclusive competition. Men and Women will compete on the same Overall Leader board but their points will be generated based on their own categories.

There are 2 ways of scoring points.

1 –  Strava Age Related Leader Board

The basic concept is that you are awarded points for where you are placed in your Age Group in the All-time Strava Leader Board, on each monthly segment.

The Age Groups are:

Age Group
19 & Under

For Example, a rider may achieve a 3rd Overall Strava position in their age group with a slower time than a younger rider who achieves a faster time but only achieves a 5rd place on their Overall Strava Age group. The 3rd and 5th positions are then used to place the SVCC riders overall. Points are then awarded relating to that position on the SVCC points leader board from 1st to 10th.

Overall Strava Position for Age Group SVCC Strava Challenge Position SVCC Points
3rd 1st 15
5th 2nd 12
6th 3rd 10
  •  Points are awarded 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 5 ,4, 3, 2, 1 in decending order for 1st to 10th places
  • In the event of a tie with position across different age groups the higher place will go to the rider who has the most competitors in their age category on Strava.

2 – Bonus Points

This year as an extra incentive to do well in each month’s segment there are additional bonus points for participants.

  • Beating your personal record (PB) in your allocated age group will gain 2 points
  • KOM/QOM in your allocated age group will gain 3 points
  • Beating club record in your allocated age group will gain 2 points

Bonus Point Champion

This year as an extra prize we will be holding a separate competition for the rider who earns the most personal bests in the year. This competition cannot be won if you are a winner of another prize this year.

How to find the Strava segment and follow progress

To view each month’s Strava segment just click on the month tab below, then click on the Segment image. This will take you to the Strava main site where you can view the segment in detail.

You can also follow your progress, just log into your Strava account, find the segment then look under leader board click   Sid Valley CC then on the top header click on All-Time a drop down menu will appear, click This Month.


  •  Competition is open to all members of SVCC
  • You must have a personal Strava account and join the SVCC club on Strava
  • Record a time on the nominated segment between Midnight on the 1st of the month and 20:00 on the last day of the month (20:00 cut off is to allow enough time to consolidate results before the ‘monthly’ analysis disappears in Strava)
  • Only your best time counts so have as many goes as you like.
  • Your time must be recorded on a human powered bike (not an electric/or motorised bike).
  • At the end of each month the top 10 male riders in the age category and top 5 female riders will be announced and respective KOM and QOM points awarded. Additional points will be awarded for beating your previous best time or beating the club record in your age group.
  • Over the course of the year there will be a good mix of flat, rolling, and hill stages that will contribute cumulative points towards the General Classification competition.
  • In the event of a tie with position across different age groups the higher place will go to the rider who has the most competitors in their age category on Strava.
  • There will be 12 stages this year, (Lockdown restrictions permitting).
  • The riders with the highest cumulative points across all stages will be declared the winner.
  • The organisers decision is final in any dispute.
  • A reminder that the rules of the road must be observed and the safety of yourselves and others is always the first priority. 
General Classification Board 2021
Overall Strava Club Challenge 2021 Points
RiderNo. of SegmentsPositionTotal Points
Matthew Yates6198
Nigel Winchester6280
Martyn Baker6372
Steve C6458
Nick Keast6458
Lee Mallen6655
Steve Trossell5739
Eric Emerson6836
Doug Parker5921
Jeremy Hopkins31012
Richard Brain51110
Anne Ephraums21110
Nikki G2138
Trevor Ford4147
Ray Sheridan3156
Jim Ephraums3164
Adrian Clode2164
Martin Weeks6164
Dawn Yates2164
Pete Mclean4164
James Winchester1212
Craig Salter1212
Jonny Cooper2212
craig salter1212
Patrick Murphy1212
Ken Argent2212
James Salter2212
Rachael Mattocks1281
Chris Gunningham2290
Roderic Inglis2290
julian Hurst1290
Neil Hitt1290
Adrian Snelgrove3290
Steve King5290
Adrian Clutton1290
Andy Stovell1290
Jim Ogborne2290
Jim Tyrrell2290
Catherine Hilton3290
Nick Read1290
Julian Hurst1290
Brian Hitchcock4290
Greg Pearce2290
John Hawes2290


Personal Record Competition
Rider ListJanFebMarAprMayJunJlyAugSepOctNovDecPR in Year
Martyn Baker2222226
Nick Keast2222226
Eric Emerson222225
Lee Mallen222225
Matthew Yates222225
Doug Parker22224
Nigel Winchester22224
Steve C22224
Steve Trossell22224
Ray Sheridan2223
Anne Ephraums222
Dawn Yates222
Jim Ephraums222
Martin Weeks222
Trevor Ford222
Adrian Clode21
Craig Salter21
James Winchester21
James Salter21
Jeremy Hopkins21
Jonny Cooper21
Ken Argent21
Patrick Murphy21
Richard Brain21




1st – Matt Yates-  07:24 – (19 pts)

2nd – Martyn Baker – 09:41 – (14 pts)

3rd – Nick Keast – 07:41 – (12 pts)


Strava Challenges 2021

July 21 - Penscombe Hill


Segment Risk Assessment


June 21 - Airport to Aylesbeare


RiderM/FAge CategoryDateBest TimeAge KOM QOMPositionTotal Points
Matthew YatesM45-5424/06/2107:31119
Martyn BakerM70-7426/06/2109:41214
Nick KeastM45-5425/06/2107:41312
Lee MallenM35-4424/06/2107:3349
Nigel WinchesterM55-6425/06/2107:4658
Steve CM65-6906/06/2109:0466
Eric EmersonM65-6911/06/2109:4376
Adrian ClodeM55-6411/06/2109:3184
Trevor FordM65-6906/06/2111:2993
Patrick MurphyM55-6411/06/2110:08102
Rachael MattocksF45-54F06/06/2112:00111
Adrian SnelgroveM55-6420/06/2111:2000
Catherine HiltonF45-54F06/06/2112:4300
Chris GunninghamM45-5428/06/2112:1400
James SalterM25-3411/06/2110:2800
Jim OgborneM55-6406/06/2109:4600
Jim TyrrellM55-6409/06/2114:0600
Martin WeeksM45-5406/06/2112:1000
Roderic InglisM55-6424/06/2110:2300
Steve KingM45-5424/06/2109:5000

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Segment Risk Assessment


May 21 - Old A30 TT

RiderM/FAge CategoryDateBest TimeAge KOM QOMPositionTotal Points
Nick KeastM45-5403/05/2107:09117
Doug ParkerM55-6410/05/2107:34214
Nigel WinchesterM55-6403/05/2107:30312
Eric EmersonM65-6921/05/2107:42410
Martyn BakerM70-7404/05/2109:0558
Matthew YatesM45-5411/05/2107:2365
Steve CM65-6927/05/2108:0574
Lee MallenM35-4421/05/2107:1083
Pete McleanM45-5411/05/2107:2792
craig salterM45-5411/05/2107:46102
James SalterM25-3412/05/2108:13112
Steve TrossellM70-7428/05/2109:56121
Roderic InglisM55-6420/05/2109:4200
Martin WeeksM45-5404/05/2108:1000
julian HurstM55-6426/05/2109:2300
John HawesM65-6928/05/2109:3600
Chris GunninghamM45-5428/05/2109:5400
Neil HittM45-5405/05/2110:0200
Richard BrainM70-7419/05/2110:0800
Nikki GF55-64F19/05/2110:2500
Adrian CluttonM45-5430/05/2110:5700
Adrian ClodeM55-6428/05/2111:0000
Greg PearceM55-6428/05/2111:0200
Brian HitchcockM45-5422/05/2111:3300

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April 21 - Northcote Hill

Segment Risk Assessment

RiderM/FAge CategoryDateBest TimeAge KOM QOMPositionTotal Points
Matthew YatesM45-5427/04/2104:14KOM122
Nigel WinchesterM55-6427/04/2104:39KOM219
Martyn BakerM70-7414/04/2105:52314
Steve CM65-6927/04/2105:23410
Steve TrossellM70-7414/04/2106:0358
Eric EmersonM65-6927/04/2105:3767
Nick KeastM45-5427/04/2104:2976
Lee MallenM35-4427/04/2104:3385
Richard BrainM70-7430/04/2106:1293
Pete McleanM45-5429/04/2104:39102
Doug ParkerM55-6408/04/2105:13112
Jim EphraumsM55-6429/04/2105:39122
Ray SheridanM45-5429/04/2105:56132
Steve KingM45-5420/04/2105:4700
Martin WeeksM45-5428/04/2106:0100
John HawesM65-6919/04/2106:0600
Julian HurstM55-6429/04/2106:1900
Brian HitchcockM45-5404/04/2107:5800

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March 21 - Escot Rise

 Segment Risk Assessment

RiderM/FAge CategoryDateBest TimeAge KOM QOMPositionTotal Points
Matthew YatesM45-5430/03/2102:34KOM122
Lee MallenM35-4423/03/2102:36KOM219
Nigel WinchesterM55-6423/03/2102:43KOM317
Steve CM65-6925/03/2103:04KOM415
Steve TrossellM70-7431/03/2103:22KOM513
Anne EphraumsF55-64F29/03/2103:4568
Nick KeastM45-5409/03/2102:3977
Martyn BakerM70-7427/03/2103:2685
Craig SalterM45-5421/03/2102:54102
Martin WeeksM45-5431/03/2103:05132
Jim EphraumsM55-6429/03/2103:21122
Ray SheridanM45-5428/03/2103:27162
Eric EmersonM65-6923/03/2103:2892
James WinchesterM25-3409/03/2103:33152
Richard BrainM70-7426/03/2103:59112
Jonny CooperM25-3417/03/2104:27172
Trevor FordM65-6923/03/2104:28142
Jeremy HopkinsM75+09/03/2104:35181
Pete McleanM45-5431/03/2103:0300
Doug ParkerM55-6401/03/2103:1000
Steve KingM45-5431/03/2103:1200
Nick ReadM55-6417/03/2103:3900
Jim OgborneM55-6414/03/2104:1600
Ken ArgentM55-6421/03/2104:2400
Jim TyrrellM55-6421/03/2104:2500
Adrian SnelgroveM55-6419/03/2104:4000
Greg PearceM55-6416/03/2104:4500
Brian HitchcockM45-5407/03/2104:4700
Catherine HiltonF45-54F06/03/2105:0600

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February 21 - Metcombe Climb

RiderM/FAge CategoryDateBest TimeAge KOM QOMPositionTotal Points
Nigel WinchesterM55-6409/02/2103:37KOM122
Steve CM65-6928/02/2104:08KOM219
Nick KeastM45-5409/02/2103:23314
Martyn BakerM70-7421/02/2104:31412
Lee MallenM35-4428/02/2103:2659
Matthew YatesM45-5428/02/2103:2568
Steve TrossellM70-7427/02/2104:4585
Eric EmersonM65-6913/02/2104:3076
Jeremy HopkinsM75+27/02/2107:0992
Doug ParkerM55-6406/02/2104:18102
Martin WeeksM45-5403/02/2104:15112
Dawn YatesF45-54F28/02/2106:50122
Ray SheridanM45-5407/02/2105:36132
Richard BrainM70-7403/02/2105:22141
Adrian SnelgroveM55-6403/02/2105:2000
Andy StovellM55-6416/02/2105:4100
Brian HitchcockM45-5426/02/2106:1600
Catherine HiltonF45-54F21/02/2104:5800
Jonny CooperM25-3425/02/2105:0900
Steve KingM45-5415/02/2104:5500
Trevor FordM65-6926/02/2105:1000

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Segment Risk Assessment

January 21 - Patterson's Cross


Segment Risk Assessment

RiderM/FAge CategoryDateBest TimeAge KOM QOMPositionTotal Points
Matthew YatesM45-5430/01/2105:14KOM122
Martyn BakerM70-7415/01/2107:26KOM219
Steve TrossellM70-7417/01/2107:36312
Lee MallenM35-4430/01/2105:31410
Jeremy HopkinsM75+30/01/2110:5159
Nikki GF55-6427/01/2108:3368
Eric EmersonM65-6915/01/2107:5485
Richard BrainM70-7428/01/2108:3474
Steve CM65-6923/01/2108:0194
Doug ParkerM55-6405/01/2106:36103
Anne EphraumsF55-6416/01/2110:57112
Nick KeastM45-5423/01/2106:25122
Nigel WinchesterM55-6422/01/2107:16132
Trevor FordM65-6903/01/2109:53142
Ken ArgentM55-6431/01/2107:52152
Dawn YatesF45-5423/01/2112:19162
Pete McleanM45-5423/01/2107:0117
Martin WeeksM45-5417/01/2107:4218
Jim EphraumsM55-6416/01/2111:5819
Steve KingM45-5417/01/2108:4020

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Lower Marlpits to Golf Course

Clyst Hydon to Langford Green

Peak Hill

Farway to Golf Course

Hemyock Hill