SVCC Strava Club Challenge

Join the SVCC Segment of the Month Competition

Here is a challenge designed for the club rider that likes a bit of a blast, not just on the hills, but on the flats and undulating roads as well. We hope the challenge will appeal to riders of all speeds and abilities.

Ladies are encouraged to have a go, so you will see a separate section for the top 5 ladies.

Each month a different segment will be selected. Whoever records the fastest time (male and female) over the segment is the stage winner. Placings contribute to the overall competition. There are no formal prizes for the monthly segments just the kudos and knowledge you’ve done well against your club mates.  At the end of the challenge the winners are those riders that have accumulated the most points.

The individual Strava segments will be created from our Sunday club rides.



  • Competition is open to all members of SVCC
  • You must have a personal Strava account and join the SVCC club on Strava
  • Record a time on the nominated segment between Midnight on the 1st of the month and 20:00 on the last day of the month (20:00 cut off is to allow enough time to consolidate results before the ‘monthly’ analysis disappears in Strava)
  • Only your best time counts so have as many goes as you like.
  • Your time must be recorded on a human powered bike (not an electric/or motorised bike).
  • At the end of each month the top 10 male riders in the age category (19 to 64) and the top 5 male riders in the age category (65+) and top 5 female riders will be announced and respective KOM and QOM points awarded.
  • Over the course of the year there will be a good mix of flat, rolling, and hill stages that will contribute cumulative points towards the General Classification competition.
  • Points are awarded to both competitors in the event of any tied times.
  • There will be 11 stages this year, (February to December).
  • The riders (male and female) with the highest cumulative points across all stages will be declared the winners.
  • The organisers decision is final in any dispute.
  • A reminder that the rules of the road must be observed and the safety of yourselves and others is always the first priority.

Point Scoring

  •  15,12,10,8,6,5,4,3,2,1 points in descending order for 1st to 10th places.
  •  Men over 65 points 10,7,5,2,1. Points descending order for 1st to 5th place
  •  Ladies points 10,7,5,2,1. points in descending order for 1st to 5th places
  •  KOM/QOM achieved will gain double points.
  • Beating the club record will gain 5 points


How to find the Strava segment and follow progress

To view each month’s Strava segment just click on the month tab below, then click on the Segment image. This will take you to the Strava main site where you can view the segment in detail.

You can also follow your progress, just log into your Strava account, find the segment then look under leaderboard click   Sid Valley CC then on the top header click on All-Time a drop down menu will appear, click This Month.


General Classification Board 2020
Overall Strava Club Challenge 2020 Points - Male
RiderNo. of SegmentsPositionPoints
Matthew Yates2130
Nigel Winchester2222
Sam Needs1315
Brian Hitchcock2410
Lee Mallen1410
Steve Radcliffe258
Martin Weeks258
Steve King266
Adrian Snelgrove275
Craig Salter175
Doug Parker175
Greg Pearce283
Jonny Cooper292
Ken Argent2101
Chris Gunningham20
Andy Stovell20
Brian Hegarty10
Jim Ephraums10
Jim Ogborne10
Jim Tyrrell10
Karl Green20
Marcus Mattocks10
Nick Read20
Overall Strava Club Challenge 2020 Points - Male 65+
RiderNo. of SegmentsPositionPoints
Robert Hayman2122
Martyn Baker2122
John Hawes2217
Richard Brain2311
Steve Trossell2410
Trevor Ford155
Overall Strava Club Challenge 2020 Points - Female
RiderNo. of SegmentsPositionPoints
Rachael Mattocks2114
Nikki G1210
Anne Ephraums1210




Joint 1st Overall 

Matthew Yates  3:00

Sam Needs    3:00


1st Female  Anne Ephraums    4:16

1st over 65  Robert Hayman     3:06


Club record still stands at 2:51 by Nigel Winchester 29/09/2013









RiderM/F65+DateBest TimeM PositionM Points65+ Position65+ PointsF PositionF Points
Matthew YatesMN19/02/2003:51115
Nigel WinchesterMN28/02/2003:55212
Lee MallenMN27/02/2004:26310
Steve RadcliffeMN27/02/2004:3548
Martin WeeksMN07/02/2004:3756
Craig SalterMN23/02/2004:4065
Martyn BakerMY08/02/2004:53110
Adrian SnelgroveMN26/02/2004:5774
Greg PearceMN17/02/2005:0983
John HawesMY02/02/2005:1327
Robert HaymanMY27/02/2005:1327
Jonny CooperMN02/02/2005:1992
Ken ArgentMN02/02/2005:21101
Chris GunninghamMN02/02/2005:3611
Steve KingMN17/02/2005:4512
Nikki GFN22/02/2005:45110
Richard BrainMY02/02/2005:5735
Nick ReadMN12/02/2006:0013
Steve TrossellMY02/02/2006:0142
Andy StovellMN02/02/2006:2014
Rachael MattocksFN02/02/2006:2027
Karl GreenMN02/02/2006:2115



RiderM/F65+DateBest TimeM PositionM Points65+ Position65+ PointsF PositionF Points
Sam NeedsMN07/03/2003:00115
Matthew YatesMN30/03/2003:00115
Nigel WinchesterMN20/03/2003:01310
Lee MallenMN31/03/2003:01310
Steve KingMN25/03/2003:0356
Brian HitchcockMN22/03/2003:0565
Doug ParkerMN23/03/2003:0565
Brian HitchcockMN22/03/2003:0565
Robert HaymanMY07/03/2003:06115
Martin WeeksMN25/03/2003:0792
Adrian SnelgroveMN25/03/2003:14101
Ken ArgentMN22/03/2003:1911
Greg PearceMN25/03/2003:2212
Steve RadcliffeMN08/03/2003:2313
Chris GunninghamMN16/03/2003:3714
Martyn BakerMY31/03/2003:38212
John HawesMY13/03/2003:45310
Jonny CooperMN25/03/2003:5015
Jim EphraumsMN31/03/2004:1316
Anne EphraumsFN25/03/2004:16110
Jim OgborneMN18/03/2004:2017
Jim TyrrellMN18/03/2004:2218
Steve TrossellMY18/03/2004:2448
Richard BrainMY15/03/2004:3556
Brian HegartyMN31/03/3004:4219
Karl GreenMN08/03/2004:4720
Marcus MattocksMN08/03/2004:4821
Andy StovellMN08/03/2004:5622
Trevor FordMY22/03/2005:0965
Rachael MattocksFN08/03/2005:3227
Nick ReadMN07/03/2006:0023






RiderM/FDateBest TimeM PositionM PointsM65+ PositionM65+ PointsF PositionF Points






RiderM/FDateBest TimeM PositionM PointsM65+ PositionM65+ PointsF PositionF Points

Segment to be announced

Segment to be announced

Segment to be announced

Segment to be announced

Segment to be announced

Segment to be announced

Segment to be announced